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What did actress Quynh Luong say about the rumor of breaking up with millionaire Tien Phat?

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Recently, Quynh Luong and Tien Phat were again involved in rumors of a breakup. The reason stemmed from the fact that the actress born in 1995 unexpectedly posted a heartfelt message in the early morning on her personal page.

Quynh Luong wrote: "There are many good people, but not everyone is suitable" accompanied by a broken heart emoji.

Actress Quynh Luong (Photo: Character's Facebook).

Speaking to Dan Tri reporter, Quynh Luong said: "My recent shares are related to some issues in my business and personnel. As for relationships, everything is normal, there is no rift, "everyone goes their own way" as people have been speculating."

The actress further shared that she is used to people's attention, so when continuously rumored to break up with her boyfriend, Quynh Luong also feels normal. "Rumors are just rumors so I don't want to always go on my personal page to clarify," she said.

Currently, Quynh Luong is focusing on her business. In terms of art, recently, she has just finished the movie Mistress of the Mansion directed by Vu Ngoc Dang, which will be released in October.

When asked about her boyfriend's action of locking her personal Facebook page which has 50,000 followers, amidst rumors of a rift, Quynh Luong explained: "Actually, Phat locked his Facebook page before, but recently the rumors of us breaking up emerged and that's when people noticed.

Many people also wonder why I don't follow Phat's Facebook, but for a long time, we haven't done that. I think, in love, it's not necessary to always show it, be together, and be "stuck together like glue".

Quynh Luong and Tien Phat continuously rumored to break up during their time dating (Photo: Character's Facebook).

Quynh Luong - Tien Phat met on the show Who is he/she season 5 aired in June 2023. Coming out of the show, the couple's relationship received public attention. They also comfortably shared many affectionate photos on social media.

After a long time together, the couple has overcome many "ups and downs" and has been rumored to break up several times because of sad and emotional posts from the actress.

Quynh Luong once shared about their arguments during the dating period. "We argue once a month regularly, the peak was in November, when people rumored that we broke up because of deleting a video. The rumor was true because both of us also thought a lot about ending it.

Due to our differences in many things, I am a pessimistic person so I think we should stop. Both of us gave each other time to contemplate and after the conversations we had, we understood each other better. Since then, we haven't argued anymore," she revealed.

The actress also expressed her thoughts: "Quynh doesn't dare to promise future happiness but promises to always open her heart to every opportunity to be happy and promises not to forget all the love that everyone has always given to Quynh."

Quynh Luong (born in 1995), from Phu Tho, is one of the beloved "newcomers" of the Vietnamese screen in recent years. She left a mark through prime-time VTV films such as: Small way into life, Ga-ra happiness, Don't be an angry mother,...

Before becoming an actress, her career was associated with lookbook modeling and being the female lead of impressive MVs like: Tears color, Self-conscious by Nguyen Tran Trung Quan.

Nguyen Tien Phat (born in 1997), from Tra Vinh, is a young businessman working in the field of business and managing a healing resort.

Currently, he lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City. Tien Phat is referred to by the audience as the "young master from Tra Vinh" thanks to his collection of expensive supercars.

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