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Heart-stopping moment as 'daredevil' Louis Koo falls, nearly plunging from a 3m height

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On July 6, a video captured the moment when actor Lưu Đức Hoa encountered an incident during a performance in Shanghai, China, which was widely shared. It was reported that the 63-year-old star slipped and nearly fell while running on a lifting shaft. Luckily, he grabbed onto something in time to maintain his balance and avoid falling from height.

Lưu Đức Hoa nearly fell from a height of 3m onto the stage during a performance in Shanghai, China in July (Photo: QQ).

The incident happened in an instant but left the audience truly frightened. Many were panicked, screaming. Reflecting on the performance after the show, audience members admitted they were terrified witnessing the incident and concerned for the 63-year-old actor’s safety.

Lưu Đức Hoa himself also admitted that he was quite shocked by the incident. The actor apologized to the fans for causing them fear and promised to be more careful in future performances.

"I will take good care of myself and avoid performing risky moves like that," he said.

As a diligent artist always seeking to innovate, Lưu Đức Hoa continuously explores new performance styles. At the age of 63, he still personally performs daring scenes in action movies and embarks on tours every year.

In the program in Shanghai, Lưu Đức Hoa sang and danced to 30 songs. It is known that he has 8 more performances scheduled in various cities in China. His work ethic truly impresses both the audience and his colleagues.

At the age of 63, Lưu Đức Hoa continues to diligently perform in music nights (Photo: Sina).

The recent performance mishap in Shanghai is not the first accident for the actor. In 2017, he had a serious accident while filming a commercial for a brand in Thailand.

He fell off a horse, fractured his pelvis, had a spinal injury, and had to be flown from Thailand to Hong Kong for treatment. He underwent a major surgery. Doctors advised Đức Hoa to avoid action scenes in the future.

In the Hong Kong entertainment industry, Lưu Đức Hoa is known as a "daredevil" on set because he often performs his own stunts. His body bears many scars from life-threatening injuries.

In 2001, Lưu Đức Hoa suffered a head injury while filming an action scene in "Ultimate Fight". Two years later, he sustained a serious injury in a driving scene for the film "Flying Dagger".

In 2005, the famous star tore the ligament in his left leg when jumping off a wall at a height equivalent to 5 stories in “Dragon Squad”. However, facing danger repeatedly has not diminished the adventurous spirit or passion for acting of the actor.

Lưu Đức Hoa is referred to by colleagues as a "daredevil" for his diligent and fearless work ethic (Photo: HK01).

When asked about facing dangerous action scenes, Lưu Đức Hoa chuckled: "If I were scared, I wouldn't have acted, and since I acted, then I'm not afraid."

Lưu Đức Hoa (born in 1961) entered the entertainment industry at the age of 20. In 1983, he became famous for the work "The Swordsman". He has won 5 Best Actor awards at prestigious Chinese film awards such as the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Awards.

He is considered one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Hong Kong's entertainment industry. Currently, Lưu Đức Hoa is a rare case in the Chinese entertainment industry maintaining allure in both acting and singing after 40 years of activity.

Lưu Đức Hoa's success stems from talent, diligence, and a serious work attitude. According to Sina, the Hong Kong actor once set a record by appearing in 50 films in 5 years, and at his peak, he was in 12 films a year, sleeping no more than 2 hours a day. This made him a symbol of dedication and effort in the eyes of the audience.

The star who has worked in the entertainment industry for 40 years admitted that when he is not working, he feels very uncomfortable and misses his profession. This drives him to continuously labor, diligently study new scripts, and not refuse risky action roles even in his older age.

Currently, Lưu Đức Hoa is a singer, actor, and producer. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the 63-year-old star owns an estimated fortune of $70 million due to his hard work.

Not only a professional and passionate artist, Lưu Đức Hoa is also enthusiastic about charitable activities. In the eyes of his colleagues, he is humble, courteous, and always willing to help others. He has never thought of himself as a star or having more privileges than others.

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