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Phan Như Thảo still maintains her sexy figure after losing weight, continues to focus on making money despite marrying a wealthy husband

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Phan Nhu Thao is a famous model in the Vietnamese showbiz industry. After getting married to businessman Duc An in 2015, she withdrew from the entertainment industry to focus on taking care of her family and business. Recently, Phan Nhu Thao drew attention when she posted a video showing off her slim figure after weight loss. The beauty now possesses a toned body and a firm waist.

Her honey-like skin also makes Phan Nhu Thao's beauty appear fresher in the eyes of her fans. Audiences comment that the former model is becoming more beautiful and attractive like "a girl who has never been married."

Despite the compliments about her "60cm waistline", Phan Nhu Thao revealed that her actual measurement is "bigger than 60", but she also appreciates the encouragement from her fans.

In recent years, there was a time when Phan Nhu Thao reached 84kg after giving birth. She mentioned that weight was an obsession, and she even took weight loss pills but with no effect.

Later on, Phan Nhu Thao diligently exercised and followed a strict diet. In 2023, the beauty lost 22kg, regaining a balanced figure. Her motivation for weight loss was to be able to wear more beautiful clothes and appear confident in front of others.

Speaking to Dân trí reporters, the former model once said that her weight loss journey was as difficult as "dying and coming back to life", having been hospitalized twice for stomach pains and having to take medication for over a month. Her body type easily gains weight, so she always has to maintain daily exercise and diet.

After regaining her slim figure, Phan Nhu Thao comfortably wears a variety of outfits. Recently, the beauty has also returned to television after a period of absence, receiving many compliments for her charming MC skills, radiant aura, and positivity.

The private life of Phan Nhu Thao is also of interest to many viewers. In their 9 years of marriage, Phan Nhu Thao is happy to have the support and companionship of her husband at all times. Despite a 26-year age difference, she and her husband rarely argue, mainly having small disagreements in parenting styles.

Married to a wealthy husband, Phan Nhu Thao has received much scrutiny from the public. The beauty affirms that she enjoys being financially independent and having her own job. In the face of negative comments suggesting that "marrying a wealthy husband still involves hard work", Phan Nhu Thao usually ignores them rather than engaging in online conflicts.

In a post in February on her personal page, Phan Nhu Thao admitted that she is "money-oriented", working from an early age to avoid asking for money from her parents. "At 20, I started buying gold for savings. At 23, I borrowed to buy my first house, and at 25, I paid off all debts. At the age of 29, I got married, had children, during this period I did not earn money, so I was always depressed. At 30, I went out on the street to open a shop, start a business, and have been busy ever since, never stopping," the beauty revealed.

According to Phan Nhu Thao, she diligently earns money from a young age to be able to live freely, do the things she likes, go to the places she wants to go, and choose the person she loves. In life, when women are financially free, they will be able to actively choose rather than being chosen or being the one choosing.

"They say I will only marry a poor husband after a long time, this is true, but it's my principle. I will only marry someone equal to me, better than me, smarter than me, or has something more than me to admire, then there will be respect and love, and we can be together for the long term," Phan Nhu Thao added.

Currently, Phan Nhu Thao and her husband have a prosperous life. Last year, the couple completed a million-dollar resort in Ninh Phuoc (Khanh Hoa). In addition, Phan Nhu Thao and her husband also own many other properties in Vietnam and abroad (Photos: Facebook profiles).


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