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Duy Manh said when he heard Tien Luat singing 'Tinh em la dai duong' on VTV

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After the second episode of the show "Brother overcoming a thousand obstacles" aired, Tiến Luật became one of the most talked-about talents on social media.

In this episode, Tiến Luật and the members of the group Quý ông đa tình including Trương Thế Vinh, Liên Bỉnh Phát, Thiên Minh, Nguyễn Trần Duy Nhất took on the role of closing the performance.

The moment Tiến Luật expressed emotions on stage in the song "Tình em là đại dương" by Duy Mạnh (Photo: Organizing Committee).

In the solo performance, Tiến Luật performed the song "Tình em là đại dương" by musician Duy Mạnh. The actor wore a stylish black outfit, showcasing a sweet and emotional voice that surprised the audience.

After finishing the performance, Tiến Luật surpassed the other members with a total of 960 votes, and also received 300 "firepower" points from the show.

Coming from a comedy acting background, Tiến Luật received many humorous comments from the audience such as "Singing a sad song that makes the audience laugh is truly impressive", "Tiến Luật's expressions make the audience laugh even when the song is sad"...

Speaking to Dân trí reporter, musician Duy Mạnh - the author of the song Tình em là đại dương - shared that he thought Tiến Luật sang his song quite well. When he watched his performance, Duy Mạnh was surprised and teased Tiến Luật saying he sang better than the original.

"Tiến Luật and I are close, we often exchange friendly messages. His voice is amazing. I also pay attention to Brother overcoming a thousand obstacles when I hear Tiến Luật and Phan Đinh Tùng sing...", Duy Mạnh revealed.

Regarding Tiến Luật's performance in Brother overcoming a thousand obstacles, Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc previously shared: "I heard people commenting that he sang well. But I made a mistake, I just said one thing: Bad!".

In response to this comment, Tiến Luật humorously replied, "Criticism but also wrong in structure, one word is correct, a whole sentence is wrong. I know you are being forced to say that word. I don't blame you."

However, the banter between Lan Ngọc and Tiến Luật sparked controversy among netizens. Some opinions pointed out that the "jade beauty" behaved insensitively and ungracefully towards her senior.

In response to the controversy, Lan Ngọc explained that she was just joking with Tiến Luật. The two of them have had a "rivalry" since the show 7 Nụ cười Xuân, so they often tease each other offstage.

"Please don't scold me, I know I sang badly, but praising the uncle (Tiến Luật - PV) is not allowed. The two of us often tease each other like that", Lan Ngọc wrote.

Following that, Tiến Luật also spoke up to defend Lan Ngọc. The actor affirmed that both of them were just kidding around and hoped the audience wouldn't be too harsh on the junior.

"Our singing may not be good, but we have fun and entertain a lot, right? So let's love the uncle and the little niece (Lan Ngọc - PV)", Tiến Luật wrote.

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