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Nam Thư addresses privacy controversy

AvatarQuỳnh Chi

On the evening of July 4, social media was abuzz with information related to the personal life of actress Nam Thu. Although the truth is not yet clear, the information has led to intense criticism of the actress.

In response to the surrounding rumors, Nam Thu's management company spoke out denying the claims. The company stated: "Recently, there have been many inaccurate pieces of information regarding actress Nam Thu. This has affected the reputation, image, and work of the artist under our management.

To prevent the story from being distorted, the company representing actress Nam Thu asserts that the circulating information is false with the purpose of undermining and tarnishing Nam Thu's reputation."

Sensational Nam Thu at 37 years old (Photo: Facebook profile).

Nam Thu's side affirms that the actress does not borrow money through social media platforms, does not have any sensitive clips, and does not use dating applications. The management company also confirms that Nam Thu only uses social media accounts for their intended purpose, with no relation to the Zalo account named "Eres Al Amor De Mi Vi".

The company emphasizes that all speculations and assumptions about Nam Thu with incomplete and malicious information circulating on media and social networks "are all illogical."

"For cases of spreading false information with the purpose of defamation and undermining, we are taking legal action and seeking legal intervention to protect actress Nam Thu," they added.

Nam Thu's representative also apologizes for the circulating information that has affected the beloved and supportive audience.

Nam Thu shows a casual moment in daily life (Photo: Facebook profile).

After the incident, discussions about Nam Thu's love life have resurfaced. In a conversation with supermodel Anh Thu, the actress born in 1987 once said: "I have no desire to be a third party, whether accidentally or intentionally.

Throughout my relationships, there has never been a third party involved. Whether I unintentionally become a third party is also not the case. When exploring a relationship, I always investigate very carefully.

I enjoy analyzing people's psychology. I look at the other person and can guess what kind of person they are. In fact, I only need to ask 2 questions to know if he is single or already married.

I have no desire to enter into anyone's relationship. And if someone happens to like me, it can't be helped. How can I stop someone's feelings? In that case, I only maintain the relationship at the friend level."

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