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Director Le Hoang stands out in plastic surgery intervention dating show at the age of 68

AvatarHồng Nhân
Recently, director Le Hoang has received attention from the audience when participating in the reality dating show called "Island of Paradise" as a member of the commentary panel. This is also the first time the male artist has appeared after it was reported that he underwent cosmetic surgery at the age of 68. On television, director Le Hoang appears with a quite new look. The eyebrows and eye lids of the director have changed compared to before. Many viewers commented that they had a hard time recognizing Le Hoang as the artist looks increasingly strange. Some opinions also suggested that director Le Hoang looks younger because he has reduced wrinkles around the eye corners and mouth. In the show "Island of Paradise", director Le Hoang is the only male member in the commentary panel, alongside singer Hari Won, runner-up Thao Nhi Le, and actress Dieu Nhi. In the first episode aired on the evening of July 6, the "Dance Girl" director was quite reserved in comparison to the female artists. However, the audience still looks forward to Le Hoang's impressive comments as he is famous for his straightforward personality and not afraid to clash to defend his views in television shows. Furthermore, the director has also participated in many talk shows about love and marriage, so he is considered to have a lot of experience when commenting on the show "Island of Paradise." In June, the news of director Le Hoang's "makeover" caused a stir on social media. The director was said to have undergone eyebrow and lip lifting procedures in the Thai Feng Shui style. This is a minor surgery to remove sagging skin, wrinkles, and increase skin rejuvenation. Previously, the "Dance Girl" director has also shared his views on the importance of appearance, supporting cosmetic surgery. According to Le Hoang, many artists nowadays undergo cosmetic surgery to look better. He also affirmed that "plastic surgery" will bring more opportunities for ordinary people in life.

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