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The price tag of Cristiano Ronaldo's billion-dollar watch collection, adorned with diamonds

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When Forbes announced the list of "Highest-Paid Athletes in the World in 2024", Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) was named at the top with an income of 260 million USD (over 6.608 trillion VND). This is the 4th time he has topped this list throughout his illustrious football career.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Portuguese football legend owns assets worth 600 million USD (over 15.250 trillion VND) and enjoys indulging in luxury items. Among them, his watch collection has become a symbol of CR7's journey.

In 2008, right at the beginning of his career, Ronaldo was often seen wearing the classic steel Rolex Daytona Ref. 116520 with a black dial. This model of watch is priced at 17.999-34.000 USD (457-864 million VND) on the resale market (Photo: Wrist Enthusiast).

In the photo, Cristiano Ronaldo is wearing a Daytona Rainbow Ref. 116595RBOW in gold with a rainbow bezel and a mother-of-pearl dial. The watch case is set with 56 diamonds, while the bezel is set with 36 multicolored baguette-cut sapphires. An original Rolex Daytona Rainbow is sold for 500,000-750,000 USD (12.7-19 billion VND) (Photo: IFL Watches).

First released around 2014, the Rolex GMT Master-II Ice ref. 116769TBR is still one of the rarest watches ever produced by the brand. It was priced at 485,350 USD (over 12.3 billion VND) when it was first launched. This white gold GMT-Master is set with 30 carats of diamonds throughout the watch face, case, bezel, and bracelet. The dial is a standout feature with small diamond waves flowing on the face (Photo: @cristiano, Boss Hunting).

Another extremely rare diamond-encrusted watch owned by Cristiano Ronaldo is the Franck Muller Cintrée Curvex Tourbillon in white gold, accompanied by a matching bracelet with the case and dial of the watch. This design is priced at 1.45 million USD (nearly 37 billion VND) (Photo: @cristiano, Superwatchman).

The 1985-born striker has been spotted wearing the Franck Muller Invisible Baguette Diamonds Imperial Tourbillon. This accessory is adorned with 424 baguette-cut diamonds and rubies, priced at 2 million USD (over 50 billion VND) (Photo: Wrist Enthusiast).

CR7's Octo L'Originale Tourbillon Blue Full Baguette Diamonds contains an automatic BVL 263 tourbillon and is set with 451 baguette-cut diamonds weighing just under 20 carats. This watch is priced at 708,000 USD (nearly 18 billion VND) and is produced in a limited edition of 8 pieces (Photo: @cristiano, Boss Hunting).

This custom diamond-studded G-Shock watch was a gift from Cristiano Ronaldo to his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez on her 30th birthday. Just a few months later, he was seen wearing a watch reminiscent of her during a friendly match in Slovenia on the eve of Euro 2024. The watch was customized by Jacob & Co. and is estimated to cost around 100,000 USD (over 2.5 billion VND) (Photo: @cristiano, Boss Hunting).

At the official unveiling after moving to Al Nassr club, CR7 wore the Jacob and Co. Caviar Flying Tourbillon Tzavorites in white gold, priced at 780,000 USD (nearly 20 billion VND). The watch face is completely studded with over 130 baguette-cut gemstones. The invisible setting is extremely difficult to finish, as no metal backing is visible beneath the stones, making the diamonds appear larger (Photo: IFL Watches).

Cristiano Ronaldo has been seen wearing the Hublot Masterpiece MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-axis on several occasions. This watch bears similarities to the Big Bang models of the brand (in shape and case design). However, this Masterpiece also features a unique biaxial tourbillon at the base of the case. It is a one-of-a-kind timepiece, priced at 1 million USD (over 25 billion VND) (Photo: @cristiano, Boss Hunting).

The Breguet Classique "Grande Complications" 50mm in white gold, featuring two rotating tourbillons. This watch is adorned with over 400 baguette-cut diamonds and the entire back of the watch is made of sapphire crystal. This design is priced at 802,000 USD (over 20 billion VND) (Photo: @cristiano, Boss Hunting).

Cristiano Ronaldo and Jacob & Co. collaborated to design a unique Bugatti Chiron watch inspired by the exterior and interior of the player's Bugatti Chiron CR7 car. The watch, made of titanium, features 232 baguette-cut diamonds and 109 black sapphires, along with the "CR7" logo, priced at 1 million USD (over 25 billion VND) (Photo: X, Watches World).

The Grand Baguette Diamond watch has five watch faces to track multiple time zones. The watch is 47mm wide and pentagonal, adorned with 761 diamonds on the case and dial. This design is priced at 1 million USD (over 25 billion VND) (Photo: Superwatchman).

CR7 certainly enjoys unique accessories. He owns the Girard Perregaux Planetarium Tri-axial watch, fully adorned with baguette-cut diamonds on the bezel and bracelet. The face features a hand-painted titanium Earth model that rotates every 24 hours, and a very rare triple-axis tourbillon. This accessory is priced at 2 million USD (over 50 billion VND) and is not available on the market (Photo: Superwatchman).

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