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Song Joong Ki soon to become a father for the second time: 'Children are the most precious gift

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On July 8, the Korean media was abuzz with news that Song Joong Ki's wife, former actress Katie Louise Saunders, is pregnant with their second child. The couple has announced this news to their families and friends. Although the exact due date is not known, both families are excited to welcome their second child.

Song Joong Ki and his wife confirm they are expecting their second child (Photo: Osen).

Song Joong Ki and Katie welcomed their first son in June 2023 in Italy. Currently, the couple is in South Korea. They returned to their home country a few months ago and have appeared together in various events.

Representing the Korean actor, the management company High Zium Studio announced to fans: "Song Joong Ki will become a father of two children. The private due date will be difficult to comment on."

Song Joong Ki publicly expressed his love for Katy Louise Saunders - a former actress one year older than him - at the end of 2022. At the beginning of the year, he confirmed their marriage registration and his wife's pregnancy with their first child.

According to Nate, Katie Louise Saunders, who is one year older than her husband, is a language tutor for the cast of Vincenzo - a project in which Song Joong Ki starred and gained fame. Afterward, the two met and developed feelings for each other.

The actor revealed that his wife is wise, clever, and gentle. The South Korean actor affirmed that Katy helps him improve himself every day and become a better version of himself.

When asked about his partner, he said: "I am very happy. I know that I am experiencing many new feelings, but once again, I feel like nothing has changed because many things have. Establishing a family and having children are two of the biggest goals in my life. So, I am very excited and a little worried but in a good way, and I am trying not to worry too much."

Song Joong Ki and his family are currently in South Korea (Photo: Osen).

During his wife's pregnancy and the birth of their first child, Song Joong Ki and his wife primarily lived in Italy, Katy's homeland. The Descendants of the Sun star stated that his wife wanted to be close to her parents, so he completely followed her wishes.

Last June, at the moment his wife gave birth to their first child, the South Korean actor expressed his happiness on his social media: "I think the baby is the most precious gift to our family, my biggest dream is to build a happy family until the end of my life. And that blessed day has come thanks to the support of everyone. I am always grateful for everyone's sincere affection, I hope you also find immense happiness for yourself."

Song Joong Ki has also shared with fans his happiness of being a father. The actor did not publicly reveal images of his son but affirmed that his son is as beautiful as an angel and completes his life every day.

Not only does he take care of his son, Song Joong Ki also pampers his wife. During his wife's pregnancy, a close source revealed that the actor hired a translator and a caregiver to stay close to his wife to make her feel comfortable and safe.

Song Joong Ki confides that his life is currently very fulfilling with a stable career and a happy family (Photo: News).

Song Joong Ki (born in 1985) is currently one of the highest-paid actors in South Korea. He has starred in many famous works such as Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Descendants of the Sun, Asadal Chronicles, Arthdal Chronicles, Vincenzo...

Thanks to his good income in the film industry, as a face of advertising for brands, real estate investments, Song Joong Ki owns an estimated wealth of nearly $24 million, according to Economic Times.

Before marrying Katy, Song Joong Ki had a tumultuous marriage that lasted nearly 2 years with actress Song Hye Kyo. They met through the project Descendants of the Sun, got married in 2017, and divorced in 2019.

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