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Jennie's Controversial Apology

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Recently, a video of Jennie vaping an electronic cigarette at a staff meeting event was shared on social media. In the video filmed in Italy, Jennie was caught vaping while getting her hair and makeup done. It is worth noting that there were many staff members around her.

Immediately after the video was posted, the Blackpink member faced public criticism. In fact, a social media user even filed a complaint to the South Korean Embassy in Italy, requesting an investigation into the idol's use of an electronic cigarette indoors and a heavy penalty for her.

Jennie facing backlash from fans after the vaping incident (Photo: Vogue).

In response to public pressure, on July 9th, Jennie's management company had to address the issue. The idol admitted to vaping in front of staff members and apologized to everyone.

The company representative shared: "We sincerely apologize to those who felt uncomfortable with Jennie's actions in the content released on 7/2. Jennie vaped indoors and in front of other staff members.

She is reflecting on the harm she caused to everyone. Jennie has directly contacted the staff present at the scene at that time and apologized."

Jennie's representative also apologized to the fans for disappointing them and promised to repay them with positive, more mature images in the future.

According to South Korea's National Health Promotion Act, office buildings, factories, and mixed-use buildings with a total floor area of ​​1,000m2 or more are designated as non-smoking areas. If caught smoking in a prohibited area, violators are fined 100,000 won (1.8 million dong).

According to Italian law, vaping in enclosed spaces can also be penalized. Aside from facing legal penalties, Jennie may have to face the biggest penalty of all – losing the support of her fans.

Backlash against Jennie spreads on social media

Despite issuing an apology, Jennie continues to be criticized by the Korean media (Photo: SportsQ).

Many South Korean newspapers openly criticized Jennie, stating that her act of exhaling smoke into someone else's face was "abusive," showing arrogance and disrespect towards others.

This is not the first time Jennie has been suspected of using an electronic cigarette. In 2022, a post on the X platform shared information about Jennie vaping at the Coachella music festival in the US. In the captured moment, Jennie and The Weeknd were dancing with visible smoke.

This led to online suspicions of Jennie vaping. However, the incident quickly faded into oblivion as some fans defended her and asserted that the allegations were unfounded.

Naver stated that the singer was losing the affection of her fans. The vaping incident brought back past controversies surrounding the 90s beauty.

In 2023, Jennie was at the center of attention in South Korea when her controversial TV drama The Idol aired on HBO. The show was criticized for its scenes of sex, nudity, and unappealing content. The series revolves around the life of a young singer named Jocelyn with dreams of becoming a famous star, while reflecting the dark side of the music industry. Particularly, Jennie's scenes in the show only consisted of sensual dances and suggestive dialogues...

Jennie is said to be facing a major crisis in her career (Photo: Sina).

Furthermore, Jennie has been involved in the most dating rumors among the group members. She was rumored to be dating G-Dragon, V (BTS)… Dating within a idol group is considered taboo as romantic relationships can affect the group's activities and fans' feelings towards the idol.

Although Jennie's company has apologized to the fans, her image has been significantly affected following the vaping incident.

Jennie is facing severe criticism from fans and the media, indicating that she is gradually losing her image in the eyes of the audience.

For Korean idol stars, maintaining a favorable image is crucial because a positive image helps them retain their fans.

Since late 2023, Jennie has established her own entertainment company, ODD ATELIER (OA), to help her manage the crisis (Photo: Instagram).

Jennie is one of the 4 members of the K-pop group Blackpink from South Korea. The group officially debuted in 2016 under the management of the entertainment company YG Entertainment. Currently, Blackpink is considered one of the most successful K-pop groups, with a global influence.

Jennie is the shortest member of the Blackpink group. She stands at about 1.63m tall but always knows how to pose and choose outfits to give the illusion of a petite figure.

The singer is the face of many famous fashion brands. With a strong influence on young people and an impressive fashion sense, Jennie is now known as the "K-pop fashion queen."

Since late 2023, Jennie announced the establishment of her own entertainment company to directly manage her artistic activities. Recently, she has been actively expanding her solo activities, participating in various entertainment programs, appearing at prestigious fashion and entertainment events…

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