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Tuấn Hưng addresses suspicions of dodging cameras in 'Anh trai vượt ngàn chông gai

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On the morning of July 10th, singer Tuan Hung shared a post on his personal page about his participation in the reality show "Brothers overcoming thousands of obstacles."

Tuan Hung participating in "Brothers overcoming thousands of obstacles" (Photo: Organizing Committee).

Tuan Hung mentioned that many fans were curious as to why he appeared less in front of the camera during the communal activities with other male artists.

Explaining this, the singer said: "I am an 'old' face, participating in the program to learn, connect with my colleagues after a period of absence. I want the program to remind viewers that Tuan Hung still has passion for music and his voice, even though he has passed the most beautiful youth of a person.

However, it is not because I am self-conscious about what I have that I have to avoid the camera lens. The reality is that there is only one direction of filming for all 33 'talents'. I prefer to step back so that the younger artists can be seen more, making the program more diverse, because I am an old face already."

Tuan Hung affirms that the 33 "talents" are very united and love each other (Photo: Organizing Committee).

The singer of "Finding the sky again" stated that the artists in "Brothers overcoming thousands of obstacles" are very united and loving towards each other. It is the best experience that all participants in the program have felt.

"It's difficult to gather all brothers together to shout at each other for several months, a very beautiful memory. Whoever advances, advances, whoever goes back, goes back, because that is the law of this game. We are all proud to be chosen to participate in the program and always give our best effort, whether the result is good or not, being on national television is already a joy.

The 'old men' surely never think about winning the title, because we come to have fun and pass on the fire to the next generation. Therefore, we are very comfortable even if we may not continue to exist in the program in the next round. All men hug each other and cry like children when someone is eliminated, which is strange," Tuan Hung said.

The male singer also expressed his joy as the program has just aired 2 episodes but received a lot of positive signals and attention from viewers. He emphasized that he always overlooks the negative things and only accepts the positive aspects of the reality show.

"Having more friends and colleagues when playing this program is a big profit. So, let's encourage each other: Give your all, and let's worry about tomorrow later!" Tuan Hung revealed.

Tuan Hung in the first performance group with Bang Kieu, Tu Long, Hong Son (Photo: Organizing Committee).

Singer Tuan Hung is one of the 33 male celebrities participating in the reality show "Brothers overcoming thousands of obstacles," which premiered on June 29th.

In the first 2 episodes, the male singer attracted a lot of attention from viewers as he belongs to the group of "veteran" artists among the contestants. In his solo debut performance, Tuan Hung performed "Golden apple" - a song that had previously sparked controversy. In the new version, he received praise from the audience for singing in a controlled, gentle, and emotional manner.

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