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NSƯT Chí Trung proudly shows off his second grandchild welcoming the world

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Recently, on his personal page, actor Chi Trung shared a moment when he and Miss Vietnam contestant Y Lan visited his second grandchild who had just been born.

The male artist expressed: "My second grandchild - baby Jun - is only one month old. Surprisingly, Jun's eating and sleeping habits are completely different from Kun (Chi Trung's first grandchild), very disciplined like his grandfather. I hope he grows up to be a talented dancer and singer, beautiful like his sister but in terms of eating, sleeping, he's just like his grandfather!".

Actor Chi Trung shared a happy moment when he and his girlfriend - Miss Vietnam Y Lan - visited their newborn grandchild (Photo: Facebook of the characters).

Under the post, audiences and many friends, colleagues sent congratulations to the male artist and his family. Most of them left comments praising the cute and lovely "little princess" who looks so much like her grandfather.

"So cute!", "The little princess is so lovely, she looks just like her grandfather"; "Both babies, they are like Westerners when they were born"; "The baby looks like a Westerner"; "The baby has many features that resemble her grandfather"... are comments from the online community.

Speaking to Dan Tri reporter, actor Chi Trung revealed that Minh Trung - his son with actress Ngoc Huyen - recently welcomed a new member. Before that, the family had a one-month celebration for the baby at their home, Minh Trang - Chi Trung's daughter and Ngoc Huyen's ex-wife also attended.

The male artist couldn't make it due to his busy schedule. However, out of love and care for his grandchildren, as soon as he returned, he visited and hoped to receive everyone's wishes for his second grandchild.

In 2018, Chi Trung proposed to his son's wife, and in 2019, when Minh Trung had their first daughter, the male artist was very happy to have a grandchild. On his personal page, he often shared adorable moments of Kun.

Talking about his son, Chi Trung expressed his pride when Minh Trung became a famous translator. The father and son are still close and frequently visit each other.

"My son is a translator, a dangerous profession", Chi Trung once shared on his personal page.

After 5 years of divorce from actress Ngoc Huyen, at the age of 62, actor Chi Trung has a happy life with his 18-year-younger girlfriend, entrepreneur and former Miss Vietnam Y Lan. The couple publicly showed their affection in 2020. On their personal page, they often share happy moments of their daily lives and travel together.

Regarding his ex-wife, actor Chi Trung once shared with Dan Tri reporter that he doesn't regret it but still loves, misses, and cares for her...

"Now, I don't regret separating, I don't grieve for parting with a virtuous and kind wife like Ngoc Huyen. I'm not sad because my children are not with me anymore, they have their stable lives now.

I've changed a lot after the incident: I'm calmer and more attentive, used to be commanding. Rigid and dictatorial", the actor shared.

As for actress Ngoc Huyen, after retiring, she rarely appears on stage and spends more time taking care of her family, focusing on her business...

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